This video is about Pedro, a horse who was intentionally starved by his owner.  His tragic fate inspired us to start S.O.S.

Enota Judicial Circuit ADA, Kevin Mitchell, provided a brilliant prosecution in a jury trial that resulted in a guilty verdict.  Judge Lynn Akely-Alderman sentenced Bagwell to 8 months in jail, 4 months probation, 80 hours community service, $500 fine and $84 restitution to GERL for veterinary expenses.

Doris Buckley's unwavering determination helped to bring this man to trial, after local and state authorities refused. 


A Child’s Tribute to Pumpkin

This heartfelt and touching video was created by 16 year old Lauren Carter, a Sophomore at Apalachee High School.  This is her tribute to Pumpkin, the horse that her Aunt Doris took in as a foster after he was impounded by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. 

Pumpkin suffered with severe Founder and, despite all the best efforts to correct the deformity and alter his diet, eventually Pumpkin succumbed to the painful effects of the disease and was humanely euthanized.

The lessons of courage and strength that Pumpkin imparted to Lauren, and to all of us, all will never be forgotten.